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HDSLM: Sony Alpha 7s II

The Sony Alpha 7s II was introduced in 2015.

In addition to DSLR cameras (Digital Single Lens Reflex), another type of camera system has been developed in this field - the DSLM camera (Digital Single Lens Mirrorless). These cameras do not have a folding mirror mechanism, but still operate with large sensors and interchangeable lenses.

They typically have a much smaller form factor than DSLR cameras, however they were designed to be used as stills cameras and have only recently become popular as a video acquisition tool.

Data management is straightforward due to the use of largely established consumer formats. Depending on the model and required memory speed, SDHC and SDXC cards can be used.

Sony Alpha 7s II

Exactly as the predecessor Sony Alpha7s the Alpha 7s Mk II works with a 35mm full-frame sensor.

The large sensor gives a very cinematic look and has enormous light sensitivity , with an equivalent ISO range of 100 – 409600 in expanded mode.

The Sony Alpha 7s II uses the XAVC -S and AVCHD codecs for recordings. Regardless of resolution, frame rate and data rate, Sony’s implementation of these codecs employs a colour sub-sampling ratio of 4:2:0 when recording internally. The EBU Camera Tiering system is referred to by many broadcasters for suitability for broadcast use, and should be used when deciding on the camera for your production.

The Sony Alpha 7s II has a wide range of HD recording modes supporting 24-100fps. The camera is also able to record 4K (UHD 3840x2160) at up to 30fps. XAVC-S encoding allows writing to internal storage at up to 100 Mbit / s. This codec works in LongGOP and uses the MP4 wrapper. For HD resolutions, AVCHD is used. It is also possible to output 4K (UHD) to an external recording device which then allows a sub-sampling ratio of 4:2:2.

The continued development of sensor technology, codecs, and filming capabilities of stills cameras makes them an attractive choice for many film makers on a budget. The form factor does make panning and tilting more complex, and the cameras are often supplemented with additional rigs and attachments to make them more like traditional cameras. However the flexibility of these cameras is incredibly popular, particularly with online content creators.

It’s possible to connect external recorders to the Micro-HDMI connection on many Digital SLR or DSLM cameras, however productions should take care with frequent plugging and unplugging, as this can cause damage to the mechanism.  

Sony Alpha 7s II Summary

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