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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K EF

Blackmagics new camera of the Pocket Cinema- series with 6K S35 and EF- Mount.

Not so long ago Blackmagic launched the new Pocket Cinema 4K camera. Since beginning of august 2019 the Pocket Cinema 6K EF is available.

It features a larger Super35mm HDR sensor with a maximum of 6K and 50fps, as well as an active EF mount, which includes communication between camera and lens to control aperture and focus.

The sensor has a size of 23.10 x 12.99mm. The maximum resolution is 6,144 x 3,456 pixels. Even in 6K mode, the complete sensor is read out (full sensor readout).

As recording formats BlackmagicRAW and ProRes are available. Storage medium is CFast or SD card. For BlackmagicRAW the faster medium (CFast) is necessary.

The dual base ISO offers ISO400 and ISO3.200 as possible basic values. The ISO range goes up to ISO25.600. In the range between ISO100 and ISO1.000, the base ISO is automatically set to ISO400. Starting from ISO1.250 the base ISO automatically jumps to ISO3.200.
If you shoot with ISO1.000 at a base ISO of 400 you will have a more noisy image than with ISO1.250 over ISO3.200 as base ISO. Therefore it is recommended to better work with ISO1.250 than with ISO1.000. The reason is, that at ISO1.000 you are working 2 ½ stop over BaseISO. At ISO1.250 the setting is aproximately 2 ½ under BaseISO. So finally, at least regarding image noise, ISO1.000 and ISO8.000 are close to each other.

The contrast range is 13 f-stops.

It is important to note, that although the dynamic range of Pocket 4K and Pocket 6K is the same, the charasteristic differs. In the following graphics it can be seen that the distribution of the exposure levels of the 6K allows a slightly better handling of the highlights.

The sensor crop varies according to resolution and frame rate. In full resolution (6K) it is 1.56; in 6K (2.4 :1 ) it is 1.65; in 5.7K it is 1.69 and when shooting in 2.8K or FHD in 120fps, the crop factor is 3.39.
So the full sensor readout isn´t used for all framerate and resolution settings.

A timecode function can be used and connected with a timecode generator (e.g. Tentacle Sync) via the headphone socket (3.5mm). The camera automatically recognizes the generator and sets the corresponding timecode. Nevertheless, the timecode of the Pocket 6K is not quite as accurate as that of the URSA Mini Pro. After a longer runtime there is a slight offset possible. However, in many situations it works well enough.

The supplied LUTs are not identical to those of the Pocket 4K, as they are each specialized for the sensor.
The already introduced Blackmagic Generation Color 4 Color Science is also implemented in the 6K.

Design, case and display remain almost unchanged to the Pocket Cinema 4K.

The available connections are:

- Mic In
- headphones
- HDMI Output (Full Size) with HDR and 10bit
- 12V DC
- Mini XLR (Audio In) with 48V phantom power

The battery life of the Pocket 6K is about 45 minutes. The weight is 898g (1.98 lb).

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