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Meet the VENICE, flagship of Sony's CineAlta range

Sony expanded its CineAlta range in 2017, introducing the VENICE camera system. The Sony VENICE is aimed at the high-end production market, with a completely redesigned 6K full-frame sensor and 15 f-stops of contrast.

Special features include a replaceable sensor, an 8-stage glass ND filter system and  new color management with improved workflows. The VENICE can also support anamorphic lenses.

The 6K full-frame sensor measures 36x24mm and, according to Sony, has been specially designed for natural skin tones as well as excellent reproduction of darker image areas. It has a maximum resolution of 6048 x 4032 pixels (24.4 megapixels), achieved via the Full Frame License.

The base sensitivity of the VENICE is ISO500. An update introducing Dual-Base ISO , a feature previously associated mainly with Panasonic cameras, is expected for Autumn 2018.

An exchangeable lens mount (PL or E-mount with Lever-Lock) allows the use of both classic PL and lighter E-mount lenses. In Full-Frame mode the required image circle is 43mm, but S35-lenses can be used in lower modes which only read out the respective areas from the sensor.

A new color management system, wide color gamut, 15 f-stops and SLOG3 provide greater options in post production. Sony claim the maximum color space exceeds the scope of Rec2020 .

With the external AXS-R7 recorder VENICE can record RAW or 16-bit X-OCN format. Slow motion (up to 120fps in 4K / 240fps in 2K) can also be recorded in this way. Using SxS cards internally the camera can record in XAVC-I as well as in various ProRes modes up to ProRes422HQ at full HD. Using the internal storage at 3.8K 16: 9 or 4K 17: 9 recordings up to 60 FPS are possible. In 4K 4: 3 mode that drops to 48 FPS. All other modes go to 30 FPS or 6K 3:2 to 24 FPS.

The Sony VENICE offers a wide range of connectivity: 1.5G-SDI, 3G-SDI, 12G-SDI (with the 3.0 update due in early 2019), HDMI, VF LEMO 26pin, 12V Hirose 4pin, 24V Fischer 3pin, XLR, 1 timecode and Genlock BNC, Remote 8pin, Lens 12pin, LEMO AUX 5pin, RJ45, USB, Headphone Out, Speaker Out.

Sony focused on simple, intuitive handling during the development of VENICE. A good example of this is the control panels that can be found on both sides of the camera body, accessible to both DOP and Assistant.

The  Sony VENICE weighs 3.9kg, without optics and accessories.

Most modes of the VENICE are available at purchase, but certain modes such as 4K Anamorphic or Full-Frame require an additional license. Licenses are available on a permanent, monthly or weekly basis. The license costs of these upgrades needs to be factored in by producers and DOPs when planning to use the VENICE.

The firmware roadmap you can find here .

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