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IPP2 improves handling of difficult hues, softening highlights and enhancing details in the shadows.

RED recently introduced an update to their image processing pipeline, called IPP2. IPP2 offers a significantly updated workflow experience, from image capture through to post production.

With IPP2 handling of difficult colors is improved. Transitions into highlights are softer, shadow details are better and mid tone hues are represented more accurately.

The IPP2’s new colour controls, enable easier working for Rec.709 and Rec.2020 through the new REDWideGamutRGB (RWG) and Log3G10 specification. This will help broadcast users of RED cameras to use traditional broadcast workflows.

IPP2 offers the ability to monitor in SDR and HDR simultaneously. Cameras with the Helium 8K S35 sensor can take advantage of IPP2 directly in the camera, although this will require a firmware update to enable the functionality.

IPP2 in-camera is not backwards compatible with other RED models , however owners of other RED equipment can benefit from the new image processing pipeline in post through the latest REDCINE-XPRO upgrade.

Support for the older colour science workflow is still provided, allowing users to toggle between IPP2 and the legacy system in camera and post production.

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