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Insta 360 Pro

3D 360 ° VR camera with 8K resolution.

After the smaller clip-on 360 ° cameras Nano (for iPhone) and Air (for Android), Insta 360 has launched a professional 360° camera, the delivery of which began in June 2017. The Chinese manufacturer Shenzhen Arashi Vision Co Ltd, a start-up company founded in 2014, is behind these developments.
The Insta 360 Pro looks similar to other professional 360° cameras such as the Nokia Ozo . The spherical housing contains 6 cameras that deliver either a two- or three-dimensional image. The manufacturer claims to provide an 8K image in 2D in the recording and subsequent stitching.  If 360° live streaming is selected, the resolution drops to 4K in 2D. For three-dimensional stitching, a maximum resolution of 6K is available.
The camera records in MP4 and JPG format. The material is encoded in H.264 or H.265 . A RAW format is also specified. In 4K a frame rate of 100fps is possible, in full resolution up to 30fps. It is stored internally on SD, via USB3 it is also possible to write directly to the attached memory. Further interfaces are provided via HDMI, WiFi, USB C and RJ45. The camera is controlled by Insta360 Pro Control software via mobile devices, tablets or laptops. In addition, there is a manufacturer's own stitching software with subsequent stabilisation function. 
With an open aperture of f2.4 as specified by the manufacturer, this camera has a comparatively good light intensity. The six individual lenses offer an angle of view of 200° each.
Four built-in microphones allow internal audio recording. A 5000mAh battery provides an operating time of 75min according to specification.