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Panavision Millenium DXL

The 8K-Large-Format- Camera by Panavision.

In 2016 Panavision announced a new large format digital cinematography camera called the Millennium DXL. This camera is a collaborative development between three companies; Panavision produced the hardware and large format optics, RED developed a new 8K large format sensor with the colour management and optimised workflow coming from the post production house Light Iron, which is now part of Panavision.

The current Millennium DXL sensor, proprietary for this camera and supplied by RED, is a CMOS chip with a 35.5 megapixel resolution, sampling grid of 8192 x 4320 photosites and measuring 40.96mm x 21.6mm. In comparison, an RED EPIC Dragon sensor measures 30.7mm x 15.8mm and the Alexa 65 sensor is 54.12mm x 25.58mm. The Millennium DXL sensor is ideally suited for anamorphic production due to its size, resolution and its 16-bit sensor with 15 stops of dynamic range.

The camera provides a maximum of 60fps variable frame rate at 8K Full Frame (8192 x 4320) and 75fps 8K cropped 2.4:1 aspect ratio (8192 x 3456).

The resulting image data is stored on an SSD which records up to one hour of material on a single magazine. The 8K signal is recorded using the RED .r3d RAW file format whilst simultaneously a 4K or 2K proxy file can be recorded in either ProRes or DNxHR. The 4K files can be edited in any edit suite but the 8K RAW file is encrypted.

The colour profile employs an in-house developed system called ‘Light Iron Colour’ which can apply six 1D LUTs or four 3D LUTs separately to the six independent output channels.

The Primo 70 optics series from Panasonic have integrated servo motors that are driven using electronic contacts in the lens mount. These lenses are compatible with the DXL so it’s possible to control parameters such as focus or aperture using wireless lens control, making complex rigging possible.

Another built-in feature to reduce rigging time is the WiFi Ambient ACN timecode transmitter/receiver. Panavision designed the Millennium DXL system and post-production workflow as an integrated ecosystem. Together with the Panavision anamorphic optics and the 8K sensor from RED, this system is one of the only 4K anamorphic-enabled system in the motion picture industry.

There are also menu displays on both sides of the camera, one for the camera operator and the other for the assistant. The weight without battery & lens is 10lbs / 4.5kg.

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